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RE: 3 - Flexible parts that need segment changes
(2020-03-29, 18:33)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Question is not "in this case", it's "now"... this has been corrected some time ago. Still a bit buggy, faked seams are also scaled in renders. This prevents to use large scaling factors.

Ah, good—I never realized that had been fixed! So it's still a good idea to change the base size from, say, 400% to 100% (and maxmerge to 1, to avoid super-long straight segments)?

Also, I just figured out that for the flex axle, you don't actually have to change the donor part at all, because all of the LDCad donor parts are just references to regular library parts. You can just select "static references", and then either check "inline donor references", or leave it unchecked and just copy the LDCad donor files into Studio's custom parts directory.
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