Using LDCad flexible parts with Studio

RE: Using LDCad flexible parts with Studio
(2019-11-02, 10:52)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Well, yes, it's possible, but really convolved. The spring is generated by LDCad as a custom mesh, and there is no LQ version created with repeated LDraw elements. So the idea is to use the fallback code of the spring (used to see the spring outside LDCad) and put it as a custom part in Studio CustomParts\parts folder (Studio is unable to use parts embedded in MPD Sad ). Another drawback is that the spring is "frozen", so you can't adjust length after processing.

Here is the whole process...
- Start with LDCad code with shock absorbers (attachment shock1.mpd)
- Open it with a text editor.
- Search and replace string "springMesh.ldr" with "springMesh.dat" (Studio is unable to use part files with .ldr extensions Angry )
- Cut the section(s) of LDraw code after "0 FILE blahblah_springMesh.dat" and put them in separate file(s) named blahblah_springMesh.dat (attachments shock-06_5L-soft-1_springMesh.dat and shock-09_5L-hard-1_springMesh.dat).
- Place these files in Studio custom parts folder (C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\\CustomParts\parts)
- Remove the 0 !LDCAD metacommand lines to avoid accidental changes of the code if you reopen file with LDCad
- Open resulting file in Studio (attachment shock2.mpd)

...but for most models I use uncompressed LDraw shortcuts to avoid the hassle!!!

Wow, convolved indeed, but superbly helpful, thanks! I don't have much fear of accidentally ruining the file in Studio, as I'll only bring it in there for rendering…we'll see how that goes.
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