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(2018-10-03, 14:00)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Here we are... (attached)
I modified one of the rubber bands, I let you do the other one as an exercise Wink
(you can probably use only one rubberband shape, as setup is symmetrical). What I had to do was to
- Rotate the second path point by 180¬į to eliminate the squishing effect.
- This also uncross the rubber band, so I had to take properties of the path point and change it from clockwise to counter clockwise
- Add two Bezier path points at the crossing to avoid self-penetrating band.
- Also had to adjust control points, as the path points were very close to each other the shape was very angular.
- Finally, adjusted the Bezier path points positions to avoid collision with the black beam 1L

You might also want to change the band's skin to allow for smoother curves by changing "basesize" from 400% to 200% as its a very small band.
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