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(2018-09-08, 2:25)Kathleen Kampf Wrote: I have gotten through your tutorial doc. I have a basic understanding. I've been modeling rubber belts with success, THANK YOU very much. I actually need to make a figure 8 to go around two 1/2 bushes. In fact, the "x" section of it has to currve outside of 1 beam. Yah, it's kind of a fussy job. The figure 8 is what I really need the most help wiith. I accidently got an X when I was initially learning this. But, I don't know how it happened. Thanks for your help. This little job is the reason I began the LDCAD tutorial.

You can make a cross by reversing one of the two circle guidance points wrapping direction. This is done by editing its properties (enter while selected, or click the coordinate panel).

But if you are a perfectionist this might not be good enough as the band will physically cross itself.

You can improve that by positioning a couple of extra bezier guidance points like in the below image.

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