LDCAD compass location

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(2018-09-04, 7:20)Owen Dive Wrote:
(2018-09-04, 3:16)Kathleen Kampf Wrote: Thank you so much for both tips. It's all better. I'm pretty good on MLCAD but, I don't do LSynth. I heard LDCAD is easier for that. So now I am trying to learn to use LDCAD. That animation business looks like fun too. Can LDCAD be used to make building instructions?  I use LPUB3D and LDVIEW. I'm so grateful to all the AFOLs who make LDRAW work for the rest of us. THANK YOU!!

I've used LDCad for instructions before - it's no different than using MLCad in that respect, you just add the step metacommands at the appropriate places in the file. There's a tool bar button (and presumably also a keyboard shortcut) for that. Then you use LDPub3D as usual.
Great, Thanks. I'll make sure I learn that. I assume that rotation steps are done some how. Also, I see submodeling is available. It took me a very long time to learn MLCAD. But if LDCAD also does everything I need, I may end up using it more. We'll see.
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