https vs http: broken image in LDRAW Wiki

RE: https vs http: broken image in LDRAW Wiki
(2018-04-03, 17:54)Steffen Wrote: > Chrome seemingly blocks an http image inside a https page.

Yup, just confirmed. Chrome's console explicitly states that it did not load the http images
because they were embedded inside a https page:

This means: our server somehow still defaults to serving by http.

It should be changed to serve everything (including images) by https.

Maybe the answer is very simple, check

I suggest that we configure the server like this:
(a) MediaWiki gets configured to run in https mode exclusively. No http mix etc. at all.
(b) Apache could be configured to rewrite every http URL into a https URL (so existing links will still work).

This will make things clear and simple and at the same time 100% https as far as I can see.

The 2 suggestions above were already implemented but this issue is fixed. The image path was set to a value that wasn't the default and it hardcoded the non-https URL.
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