[LDPartEditor] 0.8.42 Beta Released (Bug fix / open *.dat with LDPartEditor.exe)

RE: [LDPartEditor] - Launch from explorer
(2018-01-24, 16:38)Magnus Forsberg Wrote:
(2018-01-24, 8:10)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: it launches a new instance (with increased startup time) instead of just adding a new tab in running LDPE.

On my machine it works fine.
It looks like a new instance is opened (it takes about 1 or 2 seconds, I get a brief glimpce of it) but then it "turns itself" into a new tab.
Ah, yes, it mostly works: if I open a part file with LDPE from explorer then another part with the same method, I get only one LDPE instance. But (and that's how I tried) if I launch LDPE exe, load a file through LDPE open function, then open a part file from windows explorer, I get a second instance.

Quote:I have dat-files associated with LDDP. How do I tell windows to also associate it with LDPE?
Now, I have to right click on a file, choose "Open with/choose an other app", scroll the list, and select LDPE in the list.

When I want to open a file with DATHeader, it is already there, in the right click meny.
All I do is choose "Open with/DATHeader" in the menu.
I too have dat file associated with LDDP, but I only had to tell windows once about LDPE. Now if I double click on a dat file, LDDP opens as expected, and if I right click on dat file -> open with, LDPE is in the list...

Otherwise you could probably also use the send-to mechanism (that's how I use LETGUI or Datheader)
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