LDCad 1.6b suport files test

LDCad 1.6b suport files test
Hello all,

I've been working on the LDCad snapinfo for the 1701 library and one thing lead to another so I also ended up tweaking the part bin a bit.

I would appreciate some additional eyes on these tweaks in means of some QA Smile

I've added snapping info for all the 1701 stuff that is visible in the sorted branch (except for things in the 'by category' subbrances)

I also added a duplo and electric section to the sorted branch and gave everything in there snapping info too.

I'm wondering about the electric parts group though, should I extend it more and maybe subdivide or keep it restricted to the non technic stuff like it is now?

And I also added templates for the new 9L/11L shocks.

any additional ideas/snapping/template requests etc are welcome.

You can use these files with 1.6a by replacing the seed (*.sf) files you'll find in the below zip. These files are usually in "program files/LDCad/seeds"

Just be sure to use it with the 1701 library as it includes corrections resulting from "~moved" stuff etc.
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