Custom Textured part does not render correct

RE: Custom Textured part does not render correct
(2018-01-12, 5:04)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Hmm... I see that, more accurately, it happens in the LPub3D-generated file that is used to display the test model. LPub3D actually applies a rotation to everything in the model. And the numbers that it uses when doing that are rounded to 6 decimal places. I strongly suspect that this rounding is resulting in matrices that aren't quite right, and that factor is causing the texture mapping in LDView to not work.

Trevor, is there any chance you could produce a test LPub3D that uses something silly like 15 decimal places, so we could see if that makes the problem go away? If it does, perhaps that could be a setting in LPub3D.

Oh wow. This gets interesting :-)
I noted too that a rotation step sometimes "fixes" the problem.
Would it help to rotate the parts just a 0,1 degrees or something?

Thanks for looking into it guys!
Jaco van der Molen
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