[LDPartEditor] 0.8.39 Beta Released (Shear Matrices / Edge Selection)

RE: Future of SlantingMatrixProjector
(2017-12-31, 10:24)Nils Schmidt Wrote:
(2017-12-30, 17:56)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: ...I don't want to be negative, as the 3 lines method is probably much more powerful if/when I master it. But setup seems pretty heavy since it requires to enter 3 lines (thus 12 coefficients) when most of the slanting operations I'd like to perform involve changing just ONE 0 coefficient in an identity matrix...

I do not consider your thoughts as "negative". This tool was developed as a first draft to have at least something to work with. I am open for any new requirements or change requests regarding the SlantingMatrixProjector Smile
Just for the record... I tried again to do something the SlantingMatrixProjector, and failed again miserably. Impossible to wrap my head around the interface. My dream: be able to apply a transformation matrix to the current selection, either in global or local coordinates. The interface would present the user the 3x3 transformation matrix, initially set to identity matrix, with the possibility to edit and change all 9 coefficients.

...going to boot dreaded MLCad to do the job... Sad
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