Question about Lego Dimensions and part mention

Finding a suitable partnumber...
Now again, finding a part-number for them, I need some advice

The "Nice" Gremlin is known at:
- Rebrickable and Brickset: 28408
- Bricklink: 27455pb01
- LDD Export: 26056

This is a dual injection part, the light flesh parts have the number 27445 embossed, no other number visible

Which one to pick?

Should light flesh parts and subparts be numbered with a 27455 prefix?

The "Bad Gremlin" is a single injection part, but is also known under different numbers at:
- Rebrickable and Brickset: 28382 (in addition pr0001 at RB)
- Bricklink: 28382pb01
- LDD Export: 26052

So, here we have a larger consensus, except the LDD reference...

I think we need to put this in the FAQs...
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