75192 Millennium Falcon

RE: 75192 Millennium Falcon
(2017-10-30, 17:37)Gerald Lasser Wrote:
(2017-10-30, 14:53)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Great. I have reached step 550, page 231 ;-)

That translates into % of pages or % of steps?

I did not even look at the PDF...

The whole book is 468 pages.
Instructions starting on page 20 to 460 and end at step 1379.
So not really half way there at steps but at half the pages.
Many steps take only one or 2 bricks to put on and steps are mostly numbered sequentially.
Some submodels start with new step stepnumbers.
In my model I make all submodels and add all steps. Lot of work but still fun to do mainly to see if the model can be done digitally and all techniques are buildable.
Alas, that is not the case. Some parts do not fit digitally correct, where with real LEGO does fit.
Jaco van der Molen
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