75192 Millennium Falcon

RE: 75192 Millennium Falcon
(2017-10-13, 12:18)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Hi all,

Because I probably won't ever build it for real, I began digitizing the 75192 Millennium Falcon just for fun.
Reaching step 378 I ran into something strange which is I think an illegal connection?

The red liftarm won't fit here?


I have tried my best last weeks to create lxf for this 75192, so now I share this with community.
Hope it might be helpful for some of you...

[Image: 75192.png]

[color=#3d6594]LXF File  (LDD 4.3.10)[/color]

  • Missing  all new parts specific to this model ( half cone 10x5x6...) and some not avalaible in LDD...= most replaced by custom solution.

  • Due to complexity and huge number of parts, not all parts are perfectly in place ( I guess almost 90 to 95 % are OK)=> only with the back part of cockpit which should be connect to the center of ship I give up :-(

  • No stickers

  • Minifigs are not 100% accurate
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