75192 Millennium Falcon

RE: 75192 Millennium Falcon
There are a few other curious things I ran in to, like why they use two 1x4 tiles instead of one 1x8 at some stage.

And the usage of different colors at some stages of building mirrored sub-assemblies.

I find the choices LEGO makes a bit strange sometimes. Sure it has to do with pricing, amount of parts, availability, but sometimes I simply do not understand why they do what they do.

Example: in step 256 they use a DBG 1x10 plate somewhere. Then in step 294 in the mirrored subassembly this same 1x10 is suddenly LBG?
I see why some mirrored parts are different: the ship is not exactly mirrored either and I guess they try to mimic damage, repairs and modifications and stuff, but sometimes it does not make sense. (where most of the time it does make perfect sense though why they use certain parts and colors)

Still: the model is superb and techniques used fantastic and very clever, like we'd expect from our Danish friends with such a model.

Once finished I'll post the LDraw model here (which should take a while...)
Jaco van der Molen
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