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(2018-03-11, 8:09)Jarema Wrote: Nice to have in 2.X Release: 

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Menu options with collision detection. Hold XYZ location and color of. N is available length of this kind of brick.
  • Selected Technic, Axle 2 change on Technic, Axle 3|4|5|.. only without exceptions
  • Selected Technic, Axle 3 with Stop change on Technic, Axle 4|5|.. with Stop only without exceptions
  • Selected Brick 1x4  can change on Brick 1xN only.
  • Selected Brick 2x4  can change on Brick 2xN only. 
  • et cetera
Replace with alternative...
Hold XYZ location, color of, length. Change only type - if it exists for desired length of selected part.
  • Technic, Axle =>Technic, Axle with Stop|Threaded
Make me
Sub-menu of context menu with list of available official colors for selected part or group of parts.
These things all need extra information, which could be included in the shadow I guess. But the main problem with that is the amount of work involved in finding/defining that information. It took me years to get snapping at the point it is.

That said collision is something I'm considering for 2.0, but its low priority. The main improvements I want are tracking occupied connections and multi connection matching.

(2018-03-11, 11:54)Jarema Wrote: Saving state
Can restore pin-up window | menu after LDCad run ? This is very frustrating, must open and dock again all menu i have to work freely.
2.0 will have (virtual) 'desktops', menu state and position will be part of that and will be saved/restored.
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