Part 71981,6182721,6073604,2214……

RE: Part 71981,6182721,6073604,2214……
(2017-06-07, 4:55)yongxu wang Wrote:
(2017-06-06, 18:56)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: If you don't like command line interface, you can also use LETGUI that includes Stl2Dat tool.
Also note that Stl2Dat works well only with ASCII stl files, not with binary stl variant.
Why flash back when I install?
You mean, stl2dat or letgui? stl2dat is a command line tool, expecting command line parameters. If it has no parameters, it (very) briefly pops up a help screen and closes. To use it you should open a command line prompt, then type in the command with its parameters. If the problem is with LETGUI... I don't know. Do you have .NET installed?
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