[LDPartEditor] 0.8.25 Beta Released (64bit only / usability / bugfix)

Problem with distance meter finally solved
(2016-10-24, 19:38)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I now realize that it depends on manipulator orientation. But if I set the manipulator to the origin of the cylinder, then the two selected vertices of distance meter are aligned with manipulator Y axis so I should have dx=dz=0, dy=cylinder length=53.2529? But I read dx=-30, dy=-36.3524, dz=-24.7866 ?!?

Yes, you can switch the basis of the distance between "local" ( [Image: icon16_local.png?raw=true] ) and "global" ( [Image: icon16_global.png?raw=true] ) mode .
"Local" mode: dx, dy, dz depends on manipulator orientation (default).
"Global" mode: dx, dy, dz depends on the world space.

But, there was indeed a bug which calculated the wrong deltas based on the manipulator orientation!
I fixed it today!
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