[LDPartEditor] 0.8.25 Beta Released (64bit only / usability / bugfix)

RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.25 Beta Released (64bit only / usability / bugfix)
Hi Nils,

Is it possible to set the Manipulator so that one of its axis is colinear with a line through two vertices?
I have two triangles ABC and BCD. I select two vertices B and C, and then use the Split function to create a new vertex E.
Then, I want to set the Manipulator to vertex E and adjust is so that I could move that vertex closer to vertex B, or C.
This would make it much easier to adjust a pattern printed on a 3D object. I know how to move a vertex on a flat surface. Just select it and adjust the Manipulator to nearest face normal. But when I want to move a vertex along a defined line, it becomes difficult.

Is it possible to not have LDPE create a new quad when I use Split on two triangles? I keep having to split new quads and flip triangles more often than I want to. It's a good help, but sometimes I want to turn of that help.

Is it possible to not have the Special Cond.Line Mode also turn on the BFC green/red colours?
I sometimes want to see were the condlines are when adjusting a pattern.

And when I snap a vertex to a temporary guideline, the (unvisible) condline gets divided into two new condlines.
I don't want to add more condlines to a patterned part.
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