Getting 'group' into a submodel

Getting 'group' into a submodel
I have an ldr from a friend that did his original design work in LDD. I used LDD to export an LDR and everything worked wonderfully.
However, because LDD doesn't have the ability to use submodels, he has separate submodels laying on the baseplate representing larger components of the model.

This presents two problems.

1. It makes the size of the model ridiculously large and very difficult to navigate around.
2. It results in duplication of parts when I upload the LDR to create a BOM.

So, the question is:

Once I've grouped parts together that represent the individual submodels, how do I move these groups into submodels?

I'm comfortable manually editing the text file directly if necessary.

Thanks all. I realize this isn't actually an LDCad question but you guys have been so helpful, I thought I'd ask here. It's also LDCad that I'm going to be doing the work in. And maybe 1.6 actually has the ability in it.

Thanks guys.

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