POV-Ray export questions

RE: POV-Ray export questions
(2016-11-25, 18:44)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-11-25, 2:07)Michael Horvath Wrote: Will future versions support LGEO parts?
Maybe, if so I probably want to make it possible by using an alternative configuration template which means its basically done through macros.

(2016-11-25, 2:07)Michael Horvath Wrote: Also, you might consider supporting alternate renderers such as SunFlow. It's a bit quicker than POV-Ray, and produces decent results.
The main reason I started the POV-Ray export is to support HQ animation export, does SunFlow has animation capabilities or would you have to generate separate scripts for each frame?

(2016-11-25, 4:10)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I hate to say it, but I don't really trust anyone who feels the need to use adfly for all their links. Adfly does everything they can to deceive people into clicking on crap. Not to mention, it appears that the latest release of Sunflow was released in 2007, and the project is now dead. It seems like an odd choice for msx80 to have used for their rendering engine for LDD, unless there's something I don't know about.
Sounds like someone hijacked the project. If so I will never support it.

Sorry, here is the real SunFlow website. No AdFly.


I don't know anything about it, really, except for doing some test renders. The 'Features' page doesn't list animations anywhere.

It's too bad if the project is dead. The quality of the renders was decent, and the speed much better than POV-Ray.
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