POV-Ray export questions

RE: POV-Ray export questions
(2016-11-24, 22:31)Roland Melkert Wrote: Hello all,

Below is the (for now) default output for 1.6 Beta 1 I think.

I feel I could spend ages on fine tuning this stuff so I'm deciding to leave it for now in order to finish Beta 1 Smile

Once the beta is out I'll probably resume finetuing the default output. And the main material properties are controlled by an inlined .pov file so I would highly appreciate anyone willing to help with that. Just let me know.

If someone likes to play around with the materials right now, just mail me some (small) LDraw scene/model and I'll send you back a Pov file which you can use to fine tune materials. I can then later copy those values if needed back into the default template.

Thanks for all the advise / insights.

Will future versions support LGEO parts?

Also, you might consider supporting alternate renderers such as SunFlow. It's a bit quicker than POV-Ray, and produces decent results.

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