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(2016-11-18, 22:37)Christoph Lipka Wrote: If I, as the designer of both POV-Ray's current gamma handling framework and the "emission" mechanism, may chime in:
I hope this helps. If you need more information or assistance, let me know.

As a side note, I'd like to point out that for optimal realism the index of refraction should be around 1.6, and that realism may benefit from fresnel-based variable reflection. Also, personally I'd recommend "specular" instead of "phong" for highlights, but that may just be personal preference.
Thanks Christoph,

It seems I completely misunderstood the emission so Mike was right about me misusing that as global lighting.
I'll change things back to ambient in the generator

I indeed need to fine tune the LEGO like plastic etc especially chrome and metal. But those arn't hardcoded in the generator anyway.

The gamma issue is also more clear to me now (I'vealso read the gamma thread on new.povray.org Mike pointed at).
I'll switch to the 1.0 approach for default settings. I was mostly 'fooled' by the nicer colors I was getting (especially red) while it sits on 2.2 but those were probably unrealistic anyway as real LEGO red is more of a brownish anyway.

The current version using gamma 1.0 and no emission generates this for a  simple scene (pov source attached).


Thanks for your insight.

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