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RE: POV-Ray textured parts export
(2016-11-18, 17:59)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-11-18, 3:04)Michael Horvath Wrote: 1. assumed_gamma 1.0 is what POVray 3.7 was designed to use. If the colors are bleak, then the problem is with your colors, not the gamma setting.
2. Emission has nothing to do with ambient lighting. Emission is for objects that are supposed to emit light like a bulb versus reflecting it.
3. I have asked again on the POV newsgroup. We shall see.

2: from the manual: Emission Wrote:As of version 3.7, you can now add the emission keyword to the finish block. The intention is to simplify the use of materials designed for non-radiosity scenes in scenes with radiosity, or the design of scenes that can be rendered with or without radiosity.

The syntax and effect are virtually identical to ambient, except that emission is unaffected by the global ambient_light parameter. An objects ambient term is now effectively set to 0 if radiosity is active, the exception being, in legacy scenes where the #version is set to less than 3.7

I still don't think it's preferable. If you turn on radiosity, then the emission will light up neighboring objects. This is not realistic. You can get perfectly good looking results without using emission.
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