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RE: POV-Ray textured parts export
(2016-11-17, 18:22)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-11-17, 2:43)Michael Horvath Wrote: 1. Setting assumed_gamma to 1.0 will brighten up the Earth model.
2. Also, why are you using emission in your pigments?
3. Light sources should use rgb not srgb.
4. I don't have a lot of experience with meshes, but from looking at your code it doesn't appear you can avoid using macros in this case.
1: yes but it  will make everything else very bleek.
2: Emission is the 3.7 way of doing ambient lighting (this way radiosity on/off won't make a huge difference in brightness like it did in 3.6)
3: srgb does some fancy things with the gamma value.
4: I'm afraid so, I wish Povray had some more options for mesh property inheritance.

In the meantime i have found the reason for it being dark (you mentioning emission triggerd that Smile  )
It turns out the 2nd texture also overwrites the 'finish' part of the first texture (the normal plastic one in this case).

Solving it in the generator is a big pain though as it needs different declarations for transparent (minifigs) or non transparent (earth) texture images.

I think I have to set up a macro that can generate a texture or material based on the color number instead of the loose color declarations for this so I can merge a texture better.

This would be so much easier if POV-Ray allowed inheritance Sad

1. assumed_gamma 1.0 is what POVray 3.7 was designed to use. If the colors are bleak, then the problem is with your colors, not the gamma setting.
2. Emission has nothing to do with ambient lighting. Emission is for objects that are supposed to emit light like a bulb versus reflecting it.
3. I have asked again on the POV newsgroup. We shall see.

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