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(2016-11-16, 23:53)Roland Melkert Wrote: Final thing to do for the pov export of LDCad 1.6 is getting those pesky textured parts into povray.

I managed to setup a rudimentary export of them but I'm running into all kinds of problems which will spoil things in many cases.

As you can see the textured minifig heads are ok but the earth is way to dark. I'm not sure why though as the whole 'layered textures' concept of POV-Ray isn't very clear to me to start with.

Second problem is in order to use the textured parts in multiple colors I had to generate macro's instead of declares for those parts. Because you basically need a different one for each used color. This means the model object using them need to know what color they'll be which in turn means you can't place a textured part using color 16 in a submodel unless I convert the whole model tree leading to it into macro's which will make things more complicated for the animation depend color changes etc.

So with the !TEXMAP meta hardly used in the wild I'm wondering of this is worth all the problems I'm facing.

Attached is the generated pov script, any ideas on improvements or an alternative way of handling the textures altogether are highly welcome.

1. Setting assumed_gamma to 1.0 will brighten up the Earth model.
2. Also, why are you using emission in your pigments?
3. Light sources should use rgb not srgb.
4. I don't have a lot of experience with meshes, but from looking at your code it doesn't appear you can avoid using macros in this case.
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