POV-Ray export questions

RE: POV-Ray export questions
(2016-10-10, 20:32)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-10-10, 19:32)Niklas Buchmann Wrote: There is something seriously wrong with your radiosity definitions, though I'm not quite sure yet what exactly.

What you should do is use the built-in radiosity defintions (rad_def.inc) and work from there, this got rid of all the problems for me:

Thanks this looks much better indeed.

I noticed the 'srgb' for color 0 change, should I use that for all colors ?

One more thing about color definitions:

You defined the textures in the model using texture{} directly inside each object{} statement. Instead, it should have a material{} statement at that level, like this:

   other material definitions

Other material definitions include the interior{} statement for transparent objects, using a good interior makes all the difference in making transparent objects look good.
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