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(2016-10-10, 19:32)Niklas Buchmann Wrote:
(2016-10-08, 23:01)Roland Melkert Wrote: Hi all,

I've almost finished the POVRay export feature for LDCad 1.6 but I'm having problems with the default material definitions.

Below is a zipped export of the 5571 model which renders nice using normal lighting, but acts very weird when using radiosity. It's caused by the chrome material but I have no clue on the why.

Anyone has some pointers or alternative chrome material definitions  (or any of the other material kinds rubber/metal/mattemetal/plainplastic/pearl)

normal render:


pov files

Any help / pointers are welcome

There is something seriously wrong with your radiosity definitions, though I'm not quite sure yet what exactly.

What you should do is use the built-in radiosity defintions (rad_def.inc) and work from there, this got rid of all the problems for me:

The zipped .pov file was too large for attachment, so I included a .txt file with the relevant bits.

The max_trace_level was set to 20, that's pretty high and can slow rendering down. I routinely use 8 and never ran into any problems.

I think you should just include rad_def.inc as a default include. The POV maintainers have tweaked it pretty well.
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