Issue with Main ldr in LDCad

RE: Issue with Main ldr in LDCad
(2016-07-13, 18:29)RolandĀ Melkert Wrote:
(2016-07-13, 18:06)DarrenĀ Carlson Wrote: Ok, so I have another model with the same problem. I've included it here for you but I'd like to understand myself how to open it in MLCad and move the Type 2 parts into a submodel. I'm sure this is going to continue to happen so better I understand it myself if you'd be so kind as to guide me.

This will be easy to correct in the new 1.6 version but the last Alpha has a bug preventing it at the moment.

In MLCad you can create a new submodel and then cut paste all the lines (as seen in the top window) starting with '2' into it. But as these lines are used as hardly noticable eletric wires you could also consider to just hide them using MLCad's permanent hide feature.

Got it. Took me a bit because they don't start with a 2 in that window. They might have in previous versions. Now they appear as "/Line". Rereading your reply caused me to see 'lines' and put it together. It renders now. Thanks again Roland.
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