Issue with Main ldr in LDCad

RE: Issue with Main ldr in LDCad
(2016-07-12, 16:57)Roland Melkert Wrote: Thanks Darren,

De 397 model has type 2 lines which are used for indicating extremely simplified wires.

By design LDCad deems anything with type 2 lines a part and as such tries to prepare the whole model for rendering as a single entity. This results in too much data (6.5 million vertices) which in result cancels the preparation. The cutoff is controlled by an option but you generally don't want it to try as it might take ages to prep.

To fix this you simply move any type 2 stuff (together with some supporting parts etc if needed ) to a submode.

I've attached a corrected version in which I have done this for you.

Thank you so much. It would have taken me a while to figure out what the Type 2 parts are. I'm pretty new to this. So I appreciate so much what you did. 
I just went to your site to figure out how to send you a donation. The fact you do this for absolutely nothing is incredible.
I'm going to fire off a postcard just as soon as I can get out to a store and find something meaningful from where I live.

Thanks again.
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