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RE: [LDPartEditor] Link to the latest release post (1.8.62)
(2022-09-14, 23:34)Javier Orquera Wrote: Hello: I instaled today these version and deleted all my works; the question is: is there a way to recover the folder? Thanks in advance.


short answer: no, unfortunately.
A file was created and it was saved in the default location.
This location is

Currently, the contents of this folder are deleted on application restart!
This seems to be a major design flaw, since new users do not know that their work is gone when they do not save the file outside of the default location!

I will try to change the behaviour so that the default location won't be recreated anymore, when it is already there.
I was not able to see this problem, because I store my files always in a dedicated "Parts Authoring" folder.

edit: I created issue #932. So this problem will be solved with the next version!
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