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RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.17 Beta Released (colour palette / usability / bugfix)
(2016-07-06, 17:28)Nils Schmidt Wrote:
  1. Problem with selection: selection menu shows checkboxes for line/triangle... etc. They should act as filters, but if you uncheck "lines", select a triangle, and use "select connected" the lines connected are selected, too.
  2. Flipper: Condlines are "not recalculated" so their control points are wrong after flipping.
  3. If you hide a primitive preceded by an INVERTNEXT, this INVERTNEXT remains active and inverts all elements until an other primitive is encountered.
  4. Select the last line in text editor by clicking on line number, and if that last line has no CRLF behind, then the last two characters of the line are not selected.
Mmhhh... (3) and (4) seem to work fine now, but I see no change for (1) and (2) ?!?
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