LDCad 1.6 Alpha 3 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.6 Alpha 3 (win+linux)
(2016-07-07, 15:52)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-07-06, 22:19)Niklas Buchmann Wrote: I keep losing work because of that bug (and because I'm often forgetting to save...) - weren't there plans for an autosave function at some point?

This is only in 1.6 I hope? Because the copy bug mentioned above is a 1.6 only issue as the affected code doesn't exist in 1.5.

Yes, this is in the 1.6 alphas only, I reported that bug in the 1.6 alpha 1 thread. In the previous alpha versions the crashes seemed to happen randomly and I could never find a pattern, the Alpha 3 however seems to crash every single time I use copy or cut.

I know that bug is there and I should remember to save before using copy (or avoid using copy/paste altogether in the alpha 3), but when I forget to and lose work I'm just angry at myself. Wink  After all, LDCad is a great, free piece of software and the new features of the 1.6 version outweigh the bugs for me.
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