Any good LDraw viewer for Ubuntu 16.04?

RE: LDView for OSX (Sierra)?
(2016-12-23, 1:22)Travis Cobbs Wrote:
(2016-12-22, 20:17)Trevor Sandy Wrote: I must be unlucky then  Sad 

Here is a short video of the LDView behaviour I'm experiencing - starting with a fresh install from download. I'm using the latest version of OSX.

Sorry for the video delay, I'm accessing OSX on a virtual machine via remote desktop.


Unfortunately, at the 360p effective resolution of the video, I can't read anything. Having said that, did you record the video in this way because you don't know a way to record Mac desktop video? In other words, does the same problem happen when you are running locally? If that is the case, be aware that you can use QuickTime player X to do a screen recording on the Mac. If it is not the case, have you tried when truly locally running on the Mac? Also, have you tried copying and pasting the command line into a Terminal window so that we can rule out calling from LPub3D itself as the problem?

Sorry about that. I recorded another video at 1096 - this time using QuickTime player. If you open in QuickTime or VLC, the video quality will be better.

I recorded the first time using Camtasia from my Windows environment because recording directly on OSX really slowed down the VM. 

My OSX environment runs via VM (VMWare) on my test machine which I access remotely using MS Remote Desktop. For the test in the video, I worked on the VM directly from the test machine.

I've tested both your simple command using car.dat and a copy/paste of the exact output from LPub3D. Both appear to give the same error at the command terminal. I also noticed that while I can open an image in LDView using the GUI, when I try to export a snapshot, I get the same error as exporting a snapshot from the command line. 

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