Any good LDraw viewer for Ubuntu 16.04?

RE: LDView for Ubuntu 16.04?
(2016-12-21, 7:40)Trevor Sandy Wrote:
(2016-12-18, 23:29)Travis Cobbs Wrote: The Mac LDView app should work fine from the command line...Of course, to use it on the command line, you have to access the executable inside the app wrapper (for example, /Applications/

On OSX, I downloaded, unpacked and copied LDView from LDview_4.2.1_Universal.dmg. It seems to automatically detect my ldraw path and I am able to open an LDraw model launching the gui from (finder) context menu.

However, for command line invocation I get this response:

Trevors-Mac:~ trevorsandy$ /Applications/ -ca0.01 -cg23,-45,3993775 -LDrawDir=/Users/trevorsandy/Library/LDraw -SaveAlpha=1 -AutoCrop=1 -ShowHighlightLines=1 -ConditionalHighlights=1 -SaveZoomToFit=0 -SubduedLighting=1 -UseSpecular=0 -LightVector=0,1,1 -SaveActualSize=0 -SnapshotSuffix=.png -SaveWidth=1240 -SaveHeight=1753 -SaveSnapShot=/Users/trevorsandy/Downloads/models/6964-01/LPub3D/parts/3794a_378_1240_150_DPCM_1_23_-45.png /Users/trevorsandy/Downloads/models/6964-01/LPub3D/tmp/pli.ldr
2016-12-21 08:06:07.639 LDView[11425:324724] Error creating remote OpenGL context; trying non-remote context.
2016-12-21 08:06:07.641 LDView[11425:324724] Error creating OpenGL context for snapshot.
Floating point exception: 8
Trevors-Mac:~ trevorsandy$


Just to make sure there's no misunderstanding, are you doing that from a Terminal Window on a Mac that you're logged into? The error message implies that you might not be local. However, presumably anyone using LPub on their Mac would be a local logged in user and not a remote user.

I just tested the following simplest-possible command line on my Mac:

/Applications/ -SaveSnapshots=1 car.dat

It correctly generated a car.png file in the current directory (which was the LDraw models directory). I'm using LDView 4.2.1.
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