color codes for silver vs metal ?

Re: some more thoughts on the silver colors
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Philo said:
"Now I'm lost! why use 494 for this part which is not an electrical contact? Why not 383???
...or do we consider that 494 goes on all metallic part (even if they are chromed) and 383 is used only for chromed ABS?"

I don't want to "throw more gravel in the machine", but I too wonder
if there are more then one "shade" of metal.

After looking at this picture I must agree with Philo.
The shaft should use 494, but the spring 383?

Perhaps we could accept that colour 383 sometimes is used on very shiny/reflective metalparts.
It is, after all, only our way of creating a visual impression of something silvery.
And chromium plating is used on both plastic and metal.
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