color codes for silver vs metal ?

color 494 - more info
thank you very much for the analysis, Mike!

I would like to add this info:

color 494:
occurs also in p\studel.dat - this is what color 494 at its time had been added for:
a "symbolic" color, intended to make electric studs show yellow contacts in instructions.

usage in file 2895 seems to be an error to me, I would have used color 383.

usage in 2986c01.dat may have been done because the underside contacts are intended to be used
together with electric studs. Here are instructions I found by checking the instructions of sets on peeron which contain
that part: - underside cannot be seen, no contribution to our discussion - underside visible, appears yellow in instructions - underside seems to be not shown in yellow - electric studs clearly shown in yellow, but underside of motor not shown - electric studs shown in yellow, underside of motor not shown
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