[LDPartEditor] 0.8.8 Beta Released

Bug-Fix 0.8.8b Released
Hey Smile

due to the hidden sub-file bug and the issues on windows XP, I decided to publish another release with eight bug fixes and no new features.

As always, you can download LDPE from this page:

I updated the binaries on sourceforge.net, too.

(8 bug fixes)

The following critical issues were fixed with this release:
  1. Primitive caching freezes on 32-bit (severe)
  2. Quick Fix synchronisation errors with the text editor (severe)
  3. "Show All" did not make sub-file surfaces visible again.
  4. Errors with sub-file folder searching on case sensitive file systems.
  5. The shortkeys for Cut/Copy/Paste (3D Editor) were displayed on the shortkey dialog.
  6. "Hide" makes more than the selected object invisible in some rare cases.
  7. The selection of sub-file content did not get restored with undo/redo.
  8. Spelling errors / typos on the "Customise Shortkeys" dialog.


Answers to some questions/requests:

Willy Tschager Wrote:Bug:
* Open a file in the 3D editor
* Part gets loaded in the 3D editor but not the Text editor
* Select a triangle in the 3D editor and select "Show selection in the Text Editor.
* A new instance of the Text Editor gets launched leaving you with 2 Text Editor windows
* Click on the new.dat file in the Parts tree of the 3D editor, select "Open in Text Editor" and a third Text Editor gets launched

You can drag&drop text editor tabs to other text editors and close empty text editors. A file can only displayed on one tab. It is impossible to open the same file twice. It would be nice if you first describe what was going wrong and then what was expected Smile

Willy Tschager Wrote:* You've got two files 1.dat and 2.dat
* Select 2.dat in the parts tree in the 3D Editor and right-click "Open in 3D editor"
* Go to the Text Editor and select the 1.dat tab
* Hit the "Open in 3D editor" icon the Text editor. 1.dat gets shown in the 3D Editor but in the parts tree of the 3D Editor the highlight is still on 2.dat.

I created an issue here.

Willy Tschager Wrote:* Though I reassigned it several time I cannot get the CTRL+X shortcut get to work for "Cut" in the 3D Editor - I noticed this also in 0.8.7

This is a bug on the one hand and on the other hand it is not bug. It should not be possible to change the key bindings for cut/copy/paste. They are bound to the operating system. With 0.8.8b these actions are not visible in the "Customise Shortkeys" dialog anymore. To restore the default key bindungs (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) you have to delete the config.gz file once Sad

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:There are typos in the "Customize shortkeys.." menu.
The customize shortkeys window is very long, almost too long.

These issues are corrected with 0.8.8b.

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Would it be possible to also add a "standard" header to any new file created by New Part File-button?

Yes. At the moment you can do this manually, by selecting "Hints", do a right-click, select "Quick Fix".

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:The subfile creator adds a capital S infront of the subpartnumber, instead of a lower case s.

I had forgotten to fix this issue. It will be fixed with release 0.8.9.

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Is there any difference beween "Select ... All with Same Colour" and "Select ... Everything ... with Same Colour"?

No, and yes: You can combine "Select... Everything..." with other options, too. "Select ... All with Same Colour" is just a shortcut.
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