[LDPartEditor] 0.8.7 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.7 Beta Released
Nils Schmidt Wrote:currently, I am on easter holidays. I have some spare time... and here is the next release! Wink

Be assured I'll do my best to fill it for my personal benefit :-) Here we go:

* I'm very happy with the copy/paste/... on a right click. You could spoil the whole thing by adding the copy/paste/... icons from the toolbar to the contextual menu
* I'd like to have a some sort of LDCalc in the 3D and Text Editor toolbar. To be clear, not the whole thing. A toolbar with LDU/mm/inch where I hammer in my digits and get the converted result in the other boxes would be enough
* I find it tiresome that I have to select something and then hit the arrow (Next item) button in the Selection tab in order to get it loaded. I would prefer that the values get automatically loaded as soon as I make a selection.

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