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How to close a file in the 3D editor
Magnus Forsberg Wrote:In previous versions I could close a file by right-clicking on it, in the filemanager area, and choosing Delete.
(Delete is a very strong word. I don't like it).
If I do that in this version, a suffix is added to my file "12345.dat.bak" and I can't open it again untill I rename it in windows explorer.

As I understand, it will be better to rename "Delete" to "Close" and avoid the superflous ".bak" suffix?
That is a very good suggestion.

At the moment, you can only open another file to overwrite the contents of the 3D view.
However, the program does not lock the files on your harddrive.
When you open a file it will be parsed and when you save it, it will be written to your harddrive.
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