[LDPartEditor] 0.8.5 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.5 Beta Released
A few items how I use them
Philo Wrote:- How do I mirror a selection?
Under "Merge/Split" I use the "Scale" function to mirror by X, Y and Z axis. Just put a "-1" in there
Philo Wrote:- Is there a good method to use that pesky manipulator? I have the feeling that it is NEVER in the right place - and often has not the desired orientation...
a) If you selected an item or prim and you have selected what you want to do with it (move/rotate) then double click on it. It will move to the items origin. That's handy for slanted quads etc.
b) another method is to use the drop down menu next to the globe to orient the manipulator or move it.
Philo Wrote:- Is there a way to customize color toolbar? I desperately miss color 24!
If color 16 is selected and you draw a line it will be color 24
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