Unoffcial part not showing up in LPub3D in the PLI and BOM

RE: Unoffcial part not showing up in LPub3D in the PLI and BOM
(2016-10-02, 12:34)Bertrand Wrote: I used a custom part ( a self made 3068bpr0201.dat, because it does not exist in the part tracker right now) and it isn't rendered in the PLI, but is rendered in the assembly nevertheless.

I responded to Bertrand by mail but in case anyone else is facing the same behaviour...


Option 1.
a. Create a directory under the /ldraw/unofficial folder – e.g. ldraw/unofficial/myunofficialparts
b. Place your custom unofficial part in this directory
c. Launch LPub3D, open model file and verify part file is loaded (or check logs if not loaded – log dir = /user/AppData/LPub3D Software/LPub3D/logs)

Option 2.
If your custom part is already in the ldraw parts tracker and, subsequently, in the archive
a. Select Tools/Refresh LDraw Unofficial Parts to download the latest copy of the unofficial archive
b. After completion, launch LPub3D, open model and verify part file is loaded

Note: Option 2a. will download the latest archive and also extract to the ldraw directory defined in LPub3D. This way, any updated content will be both available for LPub3D and 3rd-party renderers (i.e. LDView, LDGlite, POV-Ray...). FYI, for the behaviour described above, the CSI image is rendered because, the renderer is sourcing part files from your ldraw directories.

Attempting to manually put content in or under the ldraw/unofficial/parts[p] subdirectories will not result in successful rendering of your file in the LPUb3D PLI. LPub3D does not use but the archive used is based on this file. The archives used by LPub3D can be found in the AppData/.../libraries folder – see above. LPub3D does not load content from unofficial/parts or unofficial/p subdirectories as these parts are all in the unofficial archive used by LPub3D. Instead, one should define their own custom parts directory (usually under the unofficial directory), and place personal parts there. At said location, LPub3D will automatically detect and load these parts at start-up – as described in Option 1.  As you can see above, the steps to either define a location for your custom part(s) or refresh the archive parts are pretty simple and straightforward.

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