OMRize tutorial at main page

Re: OMRize tutorial at main page
If I look at the pages I see some data with (in my eyes) misleading description.

File header
0 FILE 6232 - Skeleton Crew.ldr
0 Skeleton Crew
0 Name: 6232 - Skeleton Crew.ldr
0 Author: Stan Isachenko [angmarec]

In my understanding of the different things, this is the starting section of an mpd content file. As mpd content files does not have a header the description "File header" is not correct.

I am fully with you if you delete a line like "0 FILE xxxxxx" as this is only necessary for mpd content files. The lines after that line are the perfect file header of the first file in the mpd content file.

Just my 0.005 cent.
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