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Re: Technic chain alignment on gears
Milan Vančura Wrote:even when the path is circular (like your chain), it has the beginning and the end. You can see it, for example, if you change the control "point" diameter slightly - there is a place where the circle chain is broken because its length is not dividable by one chain part length. If you rotate the control point where the path beginning/end is, it really moves the chain along the path. The rotation of other control points has no effect.
Only the first point's rotation matters as it determines the position of the first link.

This got me thinking though, if I add an option to also take the rotation of other circles in account it would be possible to automatically calculate the 'hang' between two wheels and apply that instead of using the straight line it does now use. I have to look into this some more though Smile

Milan Vančura Wrote:Which reminds me: Roland, could you add some guide/help about the set of gears diameters, please? I have never known if the correct one for gear24 is 30 or 30.5 or whatever else (for example)...
I usually set the so they cross about half the tooth's height. But a table for it should be nice indeed, maybe encoded in a new shadow meta.
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