OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???

RE: OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???
(2018-03-09, 5:02)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Going mostly with Roland's suggestion (but without any header data), I created an MPD with an embedded checker texture (attached). It looks like this when opened:

[Image: Ybt9n2P.png]

Some notes about my implementation:
  • I changed BEGIN to START to be consistent with !TEXMAP.
  • I only support START/END, not NEXT.
  • I'm only officially supporting !DATA in MPD files (since that's the whole point).
  • Only one !DATA entry is allowed per 0 FILE entry in the MPD.
  • When parsing the BASE64 text, I ignore any characters that aren't in the BASE64 character set, so a space after the 0 !: shouldn't break my parser.
I have now implemented the projections in the web renderer project (buildinginstructions.js - branch 'texmap' on github)

In order to create this screenshot:
[Image: Zozugf9.png]
I had to deviate from the specification regarding the V-projection for spherical. Instead of having the plane P2 containing p1, p2 and a point along the normal of P1, P2 is computed using p and the projection from p onto P1.

Should the spec be updated, or are we all implementing this incorrectly?
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