OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???

RE: OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???
(2018-03-13, 15:45)John Canepa Wrote: Thanks for the reply.  I am now using LDview 4.3.  I can see my textures in Bricksmith, and in LDview, but still can't see them in LPub 4.  I updated the path to LDview, and it's now my is my selected renderer.  Again, any assistance is greatly appreciated.

It's possible that LPub4 copies the part file into its cache while rendering, in which case the texture would not be copied, which would lead to it not showing. Try putting your textured part file in <LDraw Dir>/Unofficial/parts, and the texture in <LDraw Dir>/Unofficial/parts/textures.
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