OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???

RE: OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???
(2018-01-05, 21:27)Roland Melkert Wrote: I like the format but I still think an embedded png (or any non ldraw file) should have its own FILE section as it can be referenced from multiple models/parts.

So maybe
0 FILE 19204p01.png
0 Texture for 19204p01
0 Name: 19204p01.png
0 Author: Philippe Hurbain [Philo]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Texture UPDATE 2018-01
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt

0 !:hhwNpKHIqmZ3VbPJ5qMr80bEOaYP2x/m7vbakTez7s10L2TFjYgT57EfbraWma1FzIy99tprr732

I can't think of any reason the !LDRAW_ORG or LICENSE lines would ever be used. I'm not in any way suggested that this be used in official parts as a stop-gap measure until the parts tracker can be updated to allow textures. (Note that doing that would require approval by the LSC, since parts have an explicit list of meta commands that they are allowed to use. I for one would almost certainly vote against allowing this.) The whole point here (by my understanding) is for unofficial parts to be able to be included in an MPD.

In fact, I'm kind of dubious about having any header information in the file at all. A program generating this wrapper only has a PNG file as its input. Sure, it could prompt the user for the other info, but I think it needs to be assumed that all that info would match the file the texture is reference from. That's all that can be done with PNG texture files, so supporting more data for wrapped texture files just encourages wrapping them in situations where that is clearly not the optimal solution. And my original suggestion (not using 0 FILE) was meant to be included anywhere in a model, and then be just as global as a 0 FILE entry would be. The argument for using 0 FILE is that it's already standard, and I can accept that. But adding metadata to the MPD file entry just seems wrong to me.
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