OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???

Re: OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???
Damien Roux Wrote:Will this replace patterns one day?
I doubt it as most patterns are fairly square and thus easy to model. In such cases the old method will offer higher quality as it is basically vector based.
Damien Roux Wrote:How is dedined the png resolution?
There is no real limit I know of but in the practice you propably need to keep it below 1 megapixel to keep the OpenGL/directX usage universal.
Damien Roux Wrote:Won't iz be better to use some kind of vectorial image format instead of pixels-based one?
For the low detail ones the old method offers vector quality, for very complicated things a high res texture would be good enough. But if needed we can also add other formats then png to the standard but they will be harder to implement.
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