[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released
Gerald Lasser Wrote:Philo, you need to play around with the right mouse-button in the 3D view :-)
Clealy yes... I knew I had seen something somewhere but couldn't find it again when needed Wink
Quote:ad 1: I am not sure if this is what you meant, but you can un-tick "View Actions" -> "Mesh Lines"
Exactly that, thanks!

Quote:ad 2: Use "Render Mode" -> "Special Con. Line Mode" you will see all the Cond Line as you wish.
Spot on too. I had some trouble figuring out the meaning of orange/purple condlines, as far as I can tell condlines are are orange in the beginning and become purple when triggered after rotation of the model. Condlines between coplanar elements stay orange.

Quote:ad 3: I tried the following:
- Open the project and open a file in 3D view... (snip)
Mmhhh... behaviour is not completely clear. Today I was able to edit the same file with LDDP and LDPE (3d+text). Then I saved LDDP version (seems that file was not locked today, why was it last time I tried that?). No message from LDPE. Modified file in LDPE and tried to save. THEN I got a message telling that the file was modified externally!

Otherwise I am still completely hermetic to LDDP project logic. I guess it will come with time (and documentation?) but LDDP managed to erase the .dat file I saved yesterday Sad - and yes, I saved it, its name is still in my LDView history. Hate that.
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