[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released
Gerald Lasser Wrote:create a new .dat in the "sub-structure" under the relevant directory e.g. /parts/sub and copy the content there.
Seems to work only if you first create a project folder. All I get if I try is a message "This feature is not available for the current selection."

Gerald Wrote:try setting the "Unofficial" dir to the root of your LDraw unofficial file structure
If I do that, I can't use any of the files in the "real" unofficial folder. It doesn't get scanned when I start LPE.

Gerald Wrote:On the left panel, middle section you have the file browser for your project.
It only works if I create a project. If I open many files using the Open Part File-button in the text editor, only the first file is visible in the file manager. I want to select a file in the text editor by clicking on its tab, right click someware, or use a button, to Show File (not selection) in 3D Editor. Please remember, most of us are accustomed to LDDP. Just a single click on Start LDView-button.

Gerald Wrote:Second left icon in the top row "Last Opened Files/Projects"
Ok, it does remember were I have been before, but not when I want to open a second file using the Open Part File-button. Then I have to navigate all the way from some default Project folder in the program folder.
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