[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released
Magnus Forsberg Wrote:I too struggle to understand the file management idea. All I wanna do is inline a file/prim/sub or select code, and make a new subfile. The project manager doesn't seem to recognice any other file or folder outside the official/unofficial parts folder. If I choose to open a part in a folder that is not scanned by LPE, it simply ignores or doesn't find my allready existing, good file structure.
I do it like this, open the file from somewhere, create a new .dat in the "sub-structure" under the relevant directory e.g. /parts/sub and copy the content there.

If you want to use your existing file structure try setting the "Unofficial" dir to the root of your LDraw unofficial file structure

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:* I'm able to have many files open in the text editor, but how do I switch between them in the 3D editor?
On the left panel, middle section you have the file browser for your project.
- Right Click on the file you want to display
- Select Open in 3D Editor

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:* I want LPE to remember the last visited folder.
Second left icon in the top row "Last Opened Files/Projects"

You can hover over the buttons then the help bubble appears.
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